We are getting there!

Yes we are still working away at this campaign!  We have had meetings, delays, developments and challenges, and now some new proposals from the Council.  Please continue to support us and be there when we issue the community shares to provide the start-up money. Latest update here.

Latest developments

February 2016 – The council Community Service Overview and Scrutiny Committee’s discussion of the feasibility study looking at the possibility of demolishing and developing Northcote Library and building a new site opposite has been postponed. See update here.

October 2015 – The Council have invited us to discuss the feasibility study and agree our requirements with the appointed architect. See update.

September 2015 – What’s a book worth? Author Matthew Lyons has launched a campaign that aims to encourage discussion about the emotional worth of books.

September 2015 – Why do we value reading? It may be because apparently reading makes us nicer people. Recent scientific research in the journal, Science, on the brain’s response to reading literary fiction found that reading is not just an escape…

July 2015 – Meet us at the Northcote Road fete on Sunday 12th June, outside the library.  Bring your children to meet two authors they love:  Million-copy selling Caroline Lawrence and Johnny Smith (Sir John the Mostly Brave etc!)


March 2015News and update to our supporters on World Book Day.

February 2015 – Have you heard? See our latest blog post about council proposals for the Northcote library.

September 2014 –  As part of Battersea Literature Festival, Northcote Books working with Northcote Library are thrilled to bring you three great children’s authors, Sara Grant (“Magic Trix”), John Dougherty(“Stinkbomb and Ketchup Face”) and Rob Jones (“Wild Boy”) on 8th and 11th September. (see page 16 of the programme). Do come!

August 2014 –  Summer reading! See some book reviews from some of us at Northcote Books in Residents Journal

July 2014 – We unveiled our architectural plans on 6 July – at the Northcote Road Summer Fete, where lots more people signed up to support us.

a sign up at the fete 2014

June 2014Bookshops fight back

January 2014 – read the article about us in the in the glossy Residents Journal, as work continues apace on the nuts, bolts and vision of this project.

November 2013 – Press release on the latest developments and our work with GLL.

October 2013 – News: we officially exist! We are now registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Society for the Benefit of the Community! Now for the next big step. Latest update.

July 2013 – Nine important things…  Please find the update here.

July 2013 – We have been awarded a grant of £4,200 from Wandsworth Council’s Big Society Fund.

July 2013 Help us name the bookshop here.

June 2013 What is the vision for the bookshop?  Find out in our latest update here.  Minutes from the open meeting on 23rd May are also available here.

Minutes from the meeting in April are still available online here.  A news post for 16 April is here.

The back story – yes we can!

In March 2013, Michael Gibbs, the owner of Bolingbroke Bookshop in Northcote Road, London SW11, announced he was closing down his shop after 31 years, due to soaring business rates. This news was met with dismay by his many customers, who then decided to investigate whether they could set up a community bookshop to take its place, an excellent bookshop which could become a hub for writers, artists, and community activities.

On 18 March, we held a public meeting in Northcote Library. It was a wet and dark Monday night, but over 70 people packed into the room and discussed in outline whether they could do it, probably as a non-profit cooperative. Diana Edmonds from GLL who are taking over the libraries in Wandsworth, made an interesting offer to look at housing the bookshop.  The meeting ended by asking how many people would invest in the bookshop – can we do it? Every hand went up.

UPDATE: Minutes from the first meeting are now online.  Click here.

1st meeting

1st meeting

Contact us

This is an ambitious project. A steering committee is being set up, to work on the legal, financial and creative questions. Do contact us if you would like to  support us or  be involved, especially if you have skills and experience that might be useful!