News and update on 21st September 2015: A message for our supporters

Dear Northcote Books supporters,

Wheels are moving! This month we will be meeting with the Council to discuss their feasibility study and agree requirements with the appointed architect.

As you may remember, Wandsworth Council is exploring the idea of demolishing and redeveloping the current Northcote Library and building a new library and community building opposite in its place. Then the library, bookshop and café can together create a new destination: the Northcote Book Place. We won’t know until February at the earliest whether that is going ahead. IF it does, so can we, and we then hope to raise our start-up capital from selling community shares. We may also look at providing a programme of literary events while building proceeds.

We have just submitted the annual accounts and return for Northcote Books Limited to the Financial Conduct Authority, and you will find them here on the website with the latest minutes, We are not yet trading of course, but as a properly constituted Society for the Benefit of the Community, we do have to submit accounts.

Although we are unavoidably becalmed at the moment, the Board would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support, and we hope that if we can all hang in there, we will in the END (also a BEGINNING) create an inspirational project and a terrific new community resource. In the meantime we do need to keep a strong Board, and would still appreciate offers of help and involvement, to ensure that we don’t miss good opportunities.

John Adams said, “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish” We are hoping he was right.