Viv Taylor-Gee

Is this the end of the story?

We have to report that it now looks as if our plan to create “Northcote Book Place”, bringing library, bookshop and a café together to make one terrific destination for the community between the commons, is unlikely to happen. But we would be glad to hear from anyone who can see a way forward, and would like to meet. Contact… Read more →

Reading is good for you!

People who read regularly for pleasure have greater levels of self-esteem, are less stressed, and can cope better with difficult situations than lapsed or non-readers, new research for Galaxy Quick Reads has found. While the research, carried out by Dr Josie Billington at the University of Liverpool, found that 58% of people read regularly, it found that 16m adults in… Read more →

Have you heard?

In July 2014, the Council made a new and unexpected proposal. Wheels move slowly over there, but we should hear by the end of February whether their plans are likely to go ahead. Then we have to decide the best way forward for the bookshop! See the council’s recent posting on NappyValleyNet. Read more →

Minutes of open meeting Thursday 23 May 2013

The meeting was attended by the bookshop steering committee and supporters. Twenty apologies for absence were received – it was the start of a bank holiday weekend. Committee: Viv Taylor Gee, chair, Hugo Gorst Williams, Lindsay Napier, Susie O’Reilly, Carol Rahn, Adrian Sarson (Apologies from:John Kahn, pro bono lawyer, Chris Savory, treasurer) Purpose of meeting 1. To share progress 2. To discuss the bookshop’s name 3.… Read more →

Vision for the Bookshop

THE ‘NORTHCOTE BOOKS’ VISION For the community by the community Much more than just a bookshop Our vision To establish a vibrant, independent community bookshop that is run for and by the local people who live, work and study in and around Northcote Road, Wandsworth, South West London. The bookshop will not only ensure that local people can continue to… Read more →