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What does reading do for us?

Why are we trying to start a bookshop? Partly, it is because reading makes us nicer people!  Recent scientific research in the journal, Science, on the brain’s response to reading literary fiction found that reading is not just an escape, it is more of a rehearsal. It improves empathy, enhancing the ability to detect and understand other people’s emotions, a… Read more →

What’s a book worth?

Author Matthew Lyons has launched a campaign that aims to encourage discussion about the emotional worth of books. What’s a Book Worth? is asking readers to film themselves talking about a book that means a lot to them and share those thoughts on 28th September 2015, using the hashtag #WhatsABookWorth, the title of the book and its cover price. It… Read more →

What is going on?

A year ago, in July 2015 We had our share issue, business plan, financials, building plans, registration and trademark all ready to go and were hoping to complete negotiations on our lease. Then: bombshell  Wandsworth Council announced they might redevelop the site of the current Northcote Library and build a new one opposite. Since then we have explored a number of… Read more →

Reading is good for you!

People who read regularly for pleasure have greater levels of self-esteem, are less stressed, and can cope better with difficult situations than lapsed or non-readers, new research for Galaxy Quick Reads has found. While the research, carried out by Dr Josie Billington at the University of Liverpool, found that 58% of people read regularly, it found that 16m adults in… Read more →