A page of comments from those supporting the bookshop.


As a ‘twixt the commons resident I feel our area needs a cultural focus. Dulwich has the Picture Gallery, Battersea has the Arts Centre. Northside has Omnibus. An independent bookshop in Northcote Road with lots of events would be a real asset. And the community owned business model is one whose time has come.

— Ivor Rawlinson

Thank you for doing this. I love being part of a campaign for something we truly believe in and care about. History tells us that books and community are among the most important things in life, but in the future both are under threat. If we don’t fight back, we will end up like battery hens plugged into a screen, mindlessly tweeting in the dark.

— Paul Bryers

A community bookshop would be a great development for Northcote residents, especially those with young families. Hopefully contacts with the local library will mean that a literary & community hub can flourish there, a truly Big Society project.

— Cllr Peter Dawson

A bookshop is so much more than just somewhere to buy the printed page. It’s a source of ideas and inspiration for those looking for new authors, a source of help and advice for parents encouraging their children to read and a community hub organising story times, reading groups and book clubs. To lose a good bookshop is to lose a window on a wonderful, magical and enriching world and so anything that can be done to replace it will be warmly embraced by all at   NappyValleyNet

— Susan Hanage aka Annabel, NappyValleyNet

With the modern world pushing us forward, many may question whether there is any value left in the community? My answer has always been… Yes, definitely! The packed room, full of enthusiasts who showed up for our first meeting have just helped to highlight this even further. I can’t wait for this project to come true.

— Larissa Lopes

This is an exciting project! Well done to all for getting it off the ground and trying to save our much loved independent bookshop. With this level of community support anything is possible.

— Sheila Boswell

I support this idea because it supports the idea of community, promotes reading and will help maintain the character of our area.

— Nathalie Smith, Friends of Northcote Library

In what is fast becoming a faceless street of chain cafes and children’s shops, a community bookshop has the real potential (if executed in a creative, fun and inspiring way), to establish a literacy hub on Northcote Road led by members of the neighbourhood for the wider community.

— Anna Jones

Bookshops, more than any other small enterprise, need to be run by people, not corporations. I visit a bookshop to find out what the proprietor has been reading. Readers need to meet writers. Writers need to meet readers. We can’t all look at screens all day and every day for the rest of our miserable lives. Wandsworth has lost a brewery. A bookshop is the only acceptable substitute..
–Nigel Williams, award-winning writer

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